LaRue Rifle Owner Armorer’s Class


LaRue Rifle Owner Armorer’s Class

This isn’t a typical armorer’s class. The LaRue Rifle Owner Armorer’s Class is based on the same highly-detailed and thorough class we’ve given to the government for years. In this two-day detail intensive class, you will learn everything you need to know from essential tools, to function-checking. You will leave with the knowledge and skill to keep your LaRue rifle running at its best.

An in-depth take home manual for each student will be provided for the class. We will have tool kits available so all you need to do is bring your LaRue rifle (of any type) and be on time. You will be disassembling your rifle down to the smallest components, so prepare to learn more about a LaRue firearm than you ever have.

Each class will be limited to 12 students, so that instruction can be most effective. We are expecting the schedule to fill up quickly so get on the list as soon as you can.

Some of the topics covered will be:
Nomenclature and Function of all Major Components
Armorer’s Tools & Equipment
Disassembly of Major Components
Assembly, Testing and Headspacing
Cycle of Operation
Malfunctions (Diagnosis and Repair)

$450.00 Government (Letterhead Required)

Quarterly scheduled classes will be held at 4 locations across the country. As schedules permit, they will be held 3 times per year at each location. In addition to our regularly scheduled classes, Law Enforcement, Government agencies and Sportsmans groups can host a class at your location providing we can book twelve students and you have an appropriate classroom for training. Hosting agencies will receive a free slot for classes booked. Please contact us for information regarding class hosting requirements.

South: Leander, Texas.
Class is held at LaRue Tactical. You will get a chance to meet the man himself, Mark LaRue. Closest Airport is: Austin-Bergstrom (AUS), plenty of lodging in nearby Cedar Park.

West: Henderson, Nevada
This location is home to the excellent magazines: “Small Arms Review” & “Small Arms of the World”. Minutes away from Las Vegas, this spot makes a great location for everybody. Closest Airport is: McCarran International Airport (LAS) in Las Vegas, plenty of lodging in Henderson.

Central: Crawfordsville, Arkansas
Home to Tier-1 Group, this facility is located just west of Memphis. Closest Airport is: Memphis International Airport (MEM), plenty of lodging in Crawfordville.

East Coast: Fredericksburg, VA
Minutes away from Quantico, this location is centrally located and convenient to any east-coaster. Closest recommended Airport is: Richmond (RIC), plenty of lodging in Fredericksburg.

We are extremely proud to have Robert Gee as our Instructor.

Rob has over 35 years of experience in the field of gunsmithing and Armorer training. After graduating from the Pennsylvania Gunsmith School he owned a successful gunsmithing business for 8 years. He then spent the next 19 years as the Armory Operations Program Manager at the Department of Energy National Training Center where he was responsible for the training, certification and recertification of all DOE site Armorers. Utilizing this vast experience, he has instructed and/or written the Armorer Programs for companies such as Bushmaster, DPMS, LaRue Tactical, Long Mountain Outfitters and Sig Sauer after leaving the NTC. Several firearms manufacturers have consulted with him on various manufacturing issues as well as product evaluation.

Rob holds U.S. and foreign patents for firearms safety technologies and has written and instructed course curriculum for over twenty weapon systems. He is a National Rifle Association Benefactor Member and served as an Executive Board Member of the National Defense Industrial Association on the Small Arms Committee.

Ball State University: Natural Resource Management
Pennsylvania Gunsmith School: Master Gunsmith Certification
Factory Weapons Certificates from: Bushmaster, Remington, DPMS, Smith & Wesson, Glock, Colt, FN, H&K, Beretta, SigSauer, Milkor, Dillon, LaRue Tactical, Barrett and Benelli.

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Reviewed by Anonymous 1 year ago
As a civilian, The LaRue Armorers class afforded me an opportunity to interact with the manufacture at their facility,which is unheard of in the industry today. While I must admit this was very pricey, the collaboration with the trainer, Leo’s and the LaRue Team was a unique enjoyable onetime experience.

I wasn’t a complete novice in the AR platform, Years ago I purchased a couple of cheap lowers and sub-mil spec parts and assembled poorly functioning Black Rifles. However all of my knowledge was from book reading, YouTube, and internet lore which induced the dilemma of fact vs. fiction. What I wanted in this class to dismiss the incorrect ways and learn the right factory approved methods. I also wanted to acquire the assembly and maintenance techniques that will keep my LaRue rifles operating at their peak. Learning proper gas gun function/troubleshooting was important to me, Rob Gee the trainer with his wealth of knowledge and experience can explain this to the expert, Gun Shop Owner or Gun Guy keeping it informative and interesting.

I would like to thank Rob Gee, the LaRue Team, Mark LaRue for this opportunity.

William S.

Remember, you can teach a Monkey to build the black rifle, you just can’t teach him how it works.
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Reviewed by Anonymous 48 weeks ago
If you own any LaRue rifle(s), get your ass in this class! Have to give ML and the crew at LT huge thanks for taking info that was once only available to MIL, Fed LE, etc. and making that same info available to American Citizens. This is all the info you need to keep your LT rifle(s) up and running. I won't share all the secrets but, you get a very detailed manual (about 70 pgs.) an exclusive LT hat, and a very significant swag pack, that contains a new LT product that I can not believe ML is giving away to all who successfully complete the course. You have to go to know. In case you don't know, Rob G. is one of the true armorer "Wizard's" who has BTDT, gotten the t-shirt, and now it's a a gun rag. Rob is well known in Govt., DOD, DOE, MIL, and Fed LE circles as the trainer of the best armorer's. We had a few folks in class who had brand new rifles and had never touched them, let alone knew how to take them apart. This was not an issue, as Rob was able to keep everyone on track, and keep things moving forward, while giving his 30+ years of knowledge to brand new beginners as well as old professional end users & other armorer's. Every one learned a lot of knowledge about the LT rifle systems in 5.56 and 7.62. I half filled a notebook with notes, specs, and different tips, tricks and technical problem shooting and diagnostic procedures to keep the rifle in spec. Also worth mentioning that LT continually upgrades their rifles specs, . If you want to get your head out of all the BS, myths, and ignorance on the 'interwebz" about how LT rifles "really work", then it's as easy as getting your ass in the LT Armorer's class. You will get nothing but facts and hard specs, straight from the LT factory, taught by perhaps the best in the business. LT does not hold back and shares lots of previously unknown info to attendee's of this course. Thanks ML, Rob G. & the LT crew! Respectfully, Mike N.
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Reviewed by scastro0238 17 weeks ago
Wow, this class is awesome! Not only is it applicable to my AR, but I am no longer intimidated by taking apart my hand guns. I highly recommend this class to anyone and everyone who owns a Larue platform. Rob is an excellent instructor. Thanks Rob!!
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Reviewed by Anonymous 5 weeks ago
Outstanding class! Rob Gee is an outstanding instructor and despite having built several AR-15s and AR-10s on my own, I still learned a lot from Rob. No matter what your skill level, you will learn something from this class, just go with an open mind and listen to Rob. The course manual that Rob wrote is excellent and includes a ton of detailed, well done photos showing exactly what you need to know. Thanks to Mark LaRue for offering this class and especially a huge Thank You to Rob for providing his wealth of knowledge to everyone. Take this class you won't regret it!
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Reviewed by Jrod1 13 weeks ago
If you've read the above reviews then you know already that this class is no joke. I took the class in Leander back in September so this is a late review, but it is entirely positive. I have taken a number of armorer classes before and can tell you from experience that Rob presents an excellent course that will teach you about the AR system in general and then elaborate upon the specifics and improvement of the Larue rifles. You will come away with a great deal of understanding, learn what is BS/internet-based conjecture and what is legit information. Highly recommend this course and I am grateful that they selected Rob to teach it .
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Reviewed by Anonymous 17 weeks ago
A terrific course taught by a terrific instructor, Robert Gee. The knowledge handed down by Rob about the AR platform, and specifically LaRue ARs, is invaluable. A must-do for all LaRue owners. I hope to take the course again someday soon. It was a lot of fun. Thanks Rob, and thanks to Mark and team for building such terrific rifles!
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Reviewed by jarleth 20 weeks ago
Great course - Rob made it approachable for the wide variety of students in the class. We had folks that had spent most of their adult life working with and around rifles and some that didn't seem sure about separating the upper and lower. The amazing thing was that we all learned from the experience. Only downside is I wound up ordering another rifle from Larue because when Rob covers some of the unique qualities of these weapons it just makes them even more appealing.
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Reviewed by chadcarlin 23 weeks ago
This is a very well put together class. Robert Gee isn't merely presenting the material, he's distilling decades of personal experience into two days. In my course there were students with very little experience and students with 10 or more years of daily experience. Everyone learned a great deal. If you want to know how your Larue rifle really works (and why) this class is for you. I thought it was a bargain.
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Reviewed by kingphilvis 25 weeks ago
Took the class in Leander under the tutelage of Master Armorer Rob Gee. The class was very helpful, with a well paced hands on structure. Breaking down and rebuilding my rifle helped me better appreciate the fine craftsmanship of Larue. The course was also invaluable relative to troubleshooting techniques that help the owner quickly isolate an issue. Could not recommend the course more! Also great to have Mark stop by and share his thoughts with the class.
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Reviewed by Anonymous 39 weeks ago
I just completed the 2 day Armorer's class in Fredericksburg, Virginia. The class was both fun and extremely valuable. The instructor, Rob Gee, provides his students with a considerable breadth and depth of technical knowledge about the AR platforms in general and for the Larue versions in particular. The course included an outstanding technical manual with simple instructions and excellent color photography related to how to perform many of the basic and even advanced elements of maintenance and repair functions. Course training like this is very hard to find and this 2 day session was packed full of learning and counsel from Rob's thirty years of experience. All the students in this small class of 8 learn about all aspects of the rifle by working on their actual LaRue rifle in the class setting with Rob with them side by side. Lastly, Rob's interpersonal style holds the class attention hour after hour in his refreshing, accessible, and fun style. Bravo and thanks to Rob and Larue for making this sort of event accessible for the regular folks like me Respectfully Yours - Charles
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