Book - Survival - SAS Survival Handbook - John Wiseman

SKU: 851-035

A new and fully updated edition of the original, bestselling survival handbook.

Written by ex-SAS survival expert John 'Lofty' Wiseman, this book provides the most reliable, authoritative and respected survival information on the market. The original survival handbook -- the choice of both survival expert and novice, this book is the international bestseller which in the 20 years since it was first published has been often imitated but never bettered. John 'Lofty' Wiseman served in the SAS for 26 years: his knowledge, experience and skills are unrivalled in survival circles. He is the first and best expert on survival instruction -- in any situation. In this fully updated edition, Lofty imparts his much sought-after survival experience, knowledge and timeless techniques -- preparing you for anything, anywhere in the world.

Updated contents include:
• Be prepared -- The latest, most resilient, resourceful and eco-friendly must-have kit
• On the move -- Up-to-date navigation technologies such as GPS are discussed and explained
• Health -- The current understanding relating to the body's coping mechanisms in extreme circumstances is expertly applied to survival
• Disasters -- Increasingly-changing environmental conditions are addressed: what to do in the face of flash flooding or fast-spreading fire
• Fear Management -- How to react, keep calm, and manage hostile environments and survival situation

Also featuring new case studies and survival scenarios, designed to offer fascinating insight into other people's survival experiences and to force you to think about what you would do in their position.

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Reviewed by Anonymous 1 year ago
Got this last week, so far very interesting stuff. However, reading a 3rd edition survival guide makes me wonder what they missed in the first two and who found out the hard way.
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