Combative Fundamentals, An Unconventional Approach

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Purchase the most comprehensive source of information for the pistol and carbine available today. What you get for this very reasonable price:

  • First book of its kind written by a U.S. Navy SEAL.
  • First book of its kind to offer complete pistol and carbine information.
  • First book of its kind to center around adult learning.
  • Utilizes lessons learned from combat and training.
  • 8.5 x 11 with 325 pages of information with less than 50 pictures.

    Jeff Gonzales takes you step by step through developing the combat fighting skills necessary to work in a variety of environments. Utilizing his years as a US Navy SEAL with experiences as a combat operator and instructor he outlines strategies that help identify your potential. Learn how to apply the fundamentals of combat shooting skills consistently and decisively. Employ aggressive training and evaluating techniques that don't just leave you hanging, but stimulate your shooting potential.

    You will discover how to:
  • Master the fundamentals and execute them decisively.
  • Identify flaws in your present training and techniques.
  • Develop and refine the combative mindset.
  • Develop greater confidence at a non-diagnostic approach to fighting.
  • Develop training goals and strategies to achieve them.
  • Shoot quicker, more accurately and most importantly, more consistently.
  • Introduce stress and techniques to manage stress 'under fire..
  • Become familiar with personal protection plans and how to develop them.
    This book will enable you to achieve positive results and more importantly better prepare you for a lethal confrontation.

    "The secret to winning is simple. Master the fundamentals and then execute them faster than your opponent.. "
    Jeff Gonzales.
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    Reviewed by ABNmedic 3 years ago
    The book is perfectly titled. The author, Jeff Gonzales, delivers on his promise that is implicitly stated on the front cover. From that point the reader, no the student, becomes aware that by utilizing this book they are embarking on a serious endeavor. The author is more than qualified to be our professor, teaching us and guiding us along the way. Jeff Gonzales fully understands that learning requires not only discipline but commitment. Commitment to learning throughout a life time; "I do not want to be training a machine that responds without any thought process, but instead that grasps the situation and acts appropriately." It is a thinking persons book; fully willing to follow and execute the tasks being taught but to also think and question the methods so as to ultimately understand the why of the tasks performances. The author presents the material succinctly and with a wit that only develops from being with a Combat Team in extremely hazardous situations for extended periods of time. And, of course, the wisdom one gains performing such duties; "The more you sweat in peace the less you bleed in war." And he continues, "These are very good words to live by. In that spirit, in this book we are going to introduce you to a variety of difficult tasks in the hopes of preparing you for lethal confrontation." Jeff Gonzales delivers on that "hope". What is required from you, the student, is to become fully engaged in the learning and thinking process (for life), develop the "Combative Fundamentals", practice, practice and practice (and never stop).dst VE
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    Reviewed by Anonymous 4 years ago
    This is a really good book. Teaches the tactical training procedures of gun fighting and defense. Jeff does a great job of also teaching mind-set and relating to how we shoot. The book is well worth the money. This book is all business, so your not going to see any superfluous pictures of navy seals shooting, just technique and visual illustrations of Jeff walking you through the steps.
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    Reviewed by Anonymous 2 years ago
    I have as of yet done not much more than review the chapter titles, skim the chapters themselves, and just barely started reading the book. But so far I can see this book isn't filled with "fluff". Every page I turned to was pretty impressive in it's details and insights. I can't wait to get through this book - practicing along every step of the way! This book isn't cheap - but I'm looking at this as an investment. One book like this, and all that remains is for me to practice! Very glad I got this book.
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    Reviewed by Anonymous 2 years ago
    Great book! Jeff Gonzales shares a treasure with this one. Intelligently written, with a comprehensive format. I especially like the chapter recaps to reinforce your understanding of the material. I would love to take a class with him. Very good teacher. LaRue even sent me a signed copy!
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