"Green Eyes & Black Rifles" by Kyle Lamb

SKU: 851-003
Enhance your shooting skills, and refine the tactical employment of your combat carbine.

Drawing on combat experience from Mogadishu, Somalia to Mosul, Iraq, Retired SGM Kyle E. Lamb passes on lessons learned to fellow Warriors.

New-shooters and veterans alike will find a wealth of information, and numerous tools for their tactical toolbox. You will also see references to combat mindset, and its value in training and actual encounters. So learn, enjoy, and most of all... stay in the fight!

219 pages, Softcover.
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Reviewed by Anonymous 6 years ago
Well worth reading. I've read through it twice. Good practical info. Barry
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Reviewed by Anonymous 36 weeks ago
Most of the knowledge in this text is timeless and priceless. I am in awe of the sacrifices that Kyle Lamb has made on behalf of our country. Thank you, Kyle, from the bottom of my heart. Some of the specifics regarding setting up the tactical rifle are dated, since so much has changed since the book was published in 2008. However, that does not take away from the immense amount of valid information in the book. Get it, read it, use it.
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