I'm Taking Notes... Ball Cap

SKU: 700-162

"I'm Taking Notes..." Ball Cap

There's a story behind this cap. While at Gunsite for a closed-range test, I happened-in to their wonderful Pro Shop. Caps galore. I looked over every cap they had, and they have a lot, and I decided on this one. Bought one, brought it home, Googled up the exact model, now it's our one and only cap...and do go visit Gunsite, it's a cool place. -- ML.

We've improved our popular ball cap. We had the button taken off the top and the brass grommets replaced with sewn-in reinforcements. Now, they are much more comfortable when wearing hearing wrap-over protection.

Each hat features a recessed opening at the right base of the brim that allows users to insert flashlights with reverse retention clips (like the SureFire Backup). The configuration allows the user to keep the light on the top of the brim. There are also two sewn-in utility loops that help to keep eyewear from sliding off the brim and also out from under earpro. The Velcro backstrap adjusts to almost any size head.

Hat has "I'm Taking Notes..." embroidered on front, and "www.LaRue.com" on the back.

Color: Tan

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