LaRue Tactical Sniper Target TG1


COMMERCIAL: $2250.00

LaRue Targets are made of the highest quality materials and are produced on computer numerically controlled (CNC) machinery that gives consistent high quality.

The overall dimensions are 28 inches high, 32 inches wide and is made of 3/8 inch steel plate that is hardened to 500 Brinell. Silhouette plates are rated to accommodate 7.62mm NATO, but have been shot them with .300 Winchester Magnum at ranges as close as 200 meters without ill effect.

LaRue targets are battery powered and will cycle through approximately 1,800 down and up cycles before requiring a recharge. After being hit, the target returns to the upright position and automatically shuts off until the silhouette is again hit and knocked down. This is the primary reason for the systems long battery life. It also precludes having to turn the targets off and on, although there is a master on/off switch.

The targets are weatherproof and can be left out without damage. Users have reported leaving LaRue targets exposed to the weather over a year's time without affecting their operation. LaRue Tactical stands behind the quality of its targets and will repair or replace any target that is found to be defective.

Military & Law Enforcement agency sales only

Some of the main advantages over traditional targets are:

Battery Powered. Automatically resets 1800 times between charges.

Man Portable. 72 lbs total weight.

Self Contained. No assembly required, no set-up, no hoses, no wires!

Battle Tough. 3/8" thick 500 Brinnell target. Withstands .223s and .308s.

Weatherproof. Leave LaRue Targets out year-round.

Timed to reset in 9 seconds,
then automatically shuts off
in upright position, saving
power (until hit again).

Chargers ship in a ratio of 1 Charger per 5 Targets shipped.
Orders of 1-5 Targets shipped will receive 1 Charger
Orders of 6-10 Targets shipped will receive 2 Chargers
Orders of 11-15 Targets shipped will receive 3 Chargers
Target specs.

  • Weight: 72 lbs.
  • Dimensions of target: 3/8" x 11.5" x 23.5"
  • Steel: AR500 hard armor plate steel (hardness of 500 Brinnell) ... commonly referred to as "rifle steel“

    Recommended caliber distances
    Be advised - it is the short, fast bullets (i.e. 5.56) that put the most wear on the target steel....long, slow bullets (i.e. 7.62) can be shot relatively close (25 meters) with little or no effect on the steel, as they expend their energy in a much slower manner. Pistol rounds do no wear whatsoever. These targets are good for pistol and small rifle rounds such as 5.56, 7.62, and 300 Win. Mag., 338 Lapua.

    5.56 (223 Rem.)
    We recommend a minimum of 100 meters to maximize target life. There are regional training ranges shooting these targets as close as 50 meters....but they also have to budget to occasionally replace/refresh the target plates. This includes green tip.

    7.62 (308 Win.)
    We recommend a minimum of 50 meters to maximize target life. There are ranges shooting these targets as close as 25 meters....with apparently no ill effects.

    300 Win. Mag.
    We recommend a minimum of 150 meters to maximize target life. Usually not an issue because most long-gunners use 300 Win. Mags from 300 - 1,200 meters.

    338 Lapua
    We recommend a minimum of 200 meters to maximize target life. Usually not an issue because most long-gunners use 338 Lapuas from 500 - 2,000 meters.

    .50 BMG DO NOT SHOOT WITH .50 BMG!!! The target is not made to withstand the energy of a .50BMG. Something on the target will break if hit by a .50!!!
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    Reviewed by Anonymous 4 years ago
    I did not purchase one, but have used them in Afghanistan. Half the time the wind was so strong we could no longer use 2x4s and pallets, so we would break these out. Awesome for quick target transition training and can take a beating. Its been shot a few thousand times with little ill effect (mostly 5.56). For more advanced weapons training the reset is a good feature, while slowish, beats the crap out of calling a cease fire for everyone and walk down range to fix your target for whatever reason. -U.S. Army Infantry
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    Reviewed by BKrushing 3 years ago
    Easy site acquisition, clear audible repeat and very durable, we have two and hit them with 338LM @ 400+ all day with zero ill effect. Battery life is outstanding and the 9 second auto reset keeps safety up and increases trigger time. Only wish we had two more.....another excellent product by Larue. Thx from East TX.
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