Outdoor Research SG Water Bottle Parka, 1 Liter

SKU: 701-003

Padded Insulated Bottle Case
Perfect place for your LaRue Nalgene Bottle. This great case will help keep the contents of your bottle cold (or hot) for hours. A hefty YKK Zipper keep the contents secure. The generous padding also protects the bottle from dings and cracks. Velcro straps secure the case in place on your belt or backpack.

Berry Compliant (All materials and construction is US-made)
Foam insulated on sides, top and bottom
Zipper top closure construction
Qik-Stik® attachment system attaches easily and quickly to pack
Designed with MOLLE compliant straps to weave through webbing of the pack, the individual Load Bearing Equimpent (ILBE) and the Load Bearing Vest (LBV) system
Cordura® A high-performance fabric resistant to abrasions, tears and scuffs.
Colors: Tan

Does Not Include The Bottle

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Reviewed by nomad6 4 years ago
This is a pretty neat little kit, the MOLLE straps are great for throwing this thing on the outside of a pack, the zipper aspect is also cool versus a Velcro or button enclosure. I use it for keeping my water cold right now, but I totally can see myself using this as a coffee holder in the winter. My only grip is it is a bit bulky and I worry about crushing the zippers and breaking/mis-aligning them somehow. Otherwise, it's pretty neat and performs as advertised.
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Reviewed by RedBull072 2 years ago
Seriously, does LaRue ever sell anything that isn't top notch. I already have several Nalgene bottles that I transport fresh drinking water in, so I bought one of these to not only help keep the water cold but to protect bottle as well. It does both of these things very well. I pack a bottle from the fridge at about 7:30am and it's still cool at 2pm. Not Fresh from the fridge frosty but pleasantly cool at 2pm. More than I expected. The bottle alone has no insulate properties so this is a big upgrade. The thick padding really seems to add a good layer of impact protection. And the MOLLE straps are high quality. All in all I am really happy with this product and would recommend it to anyone using Nalgene bottles.
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Reviewed by Anonymous 20 weeks ago
Handy product. Living in S/E Texas and spending a bunch of time outside, it does a great job of keeping my H2O cold! The ability to hang it on the outside of a pack is great too.
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Reviewed by Anonymous 1 year ago
An excellent cold weather solution for keeping hydrated. This parka keeps the water in your Nalgene from freezing.
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