LaRue Tactical 18 Inch PredatOBR 5.56

SKU: LTH556-18

LaRue Tactical PredatOBR 5.56

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The PredatOBR 5.56 was designed for those who are searching for a hybrid cross between the standard OBR and PredatAR 5.56x45 Rifles. The most remarkable feature of the PredatOBR is its ability to be completely “broken down” and stored into the optional Rollup Bag and Toolbox. The PredatOBR handguard has a locking stainless steel QD Lever system on each side. Once the levers are released, the handguard slides off of the upper assembly in seconds. The PredatOBR's barrel can easily be removed with the supplied PredatOBR Barrel Wrench, unscrew the Barrel Nut from Receiver and pull the Barrel Assembly free from Receiver. No need to remove the gas tube, gas block or muzzle device. Reverse the process to reinstall. Hand-tighten Barrel Nut and torque approximately 1/8-turn past hand-tight (Approximately 40-50 foot pounds). Once reassembled correctly, the point of impact (POI) shift will be 0.0 to 0.5 MOA of the original.

PredatOBR barrels are chambered in 5.56x45mm, and feature rifling in a 1/8 twist rate. All muzzles are threaded in 1/2 x 28. Like the OBR and PredatAR riles, LaRue has eliminated the conventional AR barrel nut and bolt the handguard directly to the proprietary upper receiver, creating a true “free-float” barrel. The handguard does not touch the barrel or barrel nut at any place. The zero-MOA upper rail provides plenty of room for weapon-mounted night-vision day/night combinations. Both the upper and lower are CNC-machined from billet aluminum for the optimum fit and consistency. Even though it has been lightened certain features, there is still additional material in strategic areas to achieve maximum accuracy.

The PredatOBR has threaded stainless-steel hard-points over the entire length of the handguard at the 3, 6, and 9 o’clock positions. These hard-points have an integral spine built-in for structural support. Provided with the system are three 3-inch MIL-STD-1913 rail sections that can be positioned anywhere along the handguard, per operator preference. These rail sections are attachable/detachable using a supplied tool (Torx® T-15 wrench). The rail sections are CNC-machined from billet aluminum. This robust solution provides a perfect precision mounting space for aiming lasers, illumination and bipods.

The PredatOBR's Port Selector Technology™ (PST) gas block is adjustable, to aid in the optimum function when using a sound suppressor. This special gas block contains a dual port mechanism that is operated by rotating a lever from one side to another. When the lever is rotated to the right-side of the rifle, the gasses are reduced, to compensate for the extra blowback created by the suppressor. When rotated to the left side, the gasses are increased for use without a suppressor.

The LaRue Tactical 6-position Retract Action Trigger (R.A.T.) Stock comes standard with every PredatOBR. It is ergonomic, has protected control surfaces and contains a set of cleaning rods in an internal compartment. Since the height of the 12 o’clock rail is at the optimum position, there is no need for a cheek riser as part of this system. The New A-PEG grip also comes standard. This grip was designed to be ambidextrous and places the hand in the corrected position for precision shooting.

Caliber: 5.56 x 45 mm NATO
Barrel Lengths: 14.5”,16.1”,18",and 20"
Rifling Twist Rate: 1/8
Barrel Life: 10,000 (approx)
Gas System: Direct Impingement with LaRue PST™ port selector
Trigger: LaRue MBT

2ea, 30-Round Magazines
3ea 3” Rail Sections
Operators Manual
Barrel Wrench

About LaRue Firearm Accuracy:
LaRue accuracy is known world-wide. The accuracy of each LaRue Rifle is proven at our 100-yard tunnel using match-grade ammunition. No LaRue firearm can leave the facility unless it obtains accuracy of less-than 1 MOA (1.047”) at 100 Yards. Each firearm ships with a copy of a 3-round group obtained from that actual firearm. While we guarantee the rifle is capable of sub-MOA accuracy, we can not guarantee the end-user will be able to shoot sub-MOA…since we have no control over shooting proficiency, familiarity with the system, ammunition choice, environmental factors, etc. LaRue firearms are precision instruments that require discipline, training, proper ammunition and maintenance to yield the best results.

PredatOBR is a registered trademark.

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Reviewed by hepcatz 1 year ago
I've waited a long time to purchase this rifle and it did NOT disappoint at all. From order to receipt from my FFL was a staggering two days. The fit, finish and capability are second to none. I have never owned a rifle with such tight tolerances, let alone this level of accuracy. My only complaint was not being able to change out the stock Black polymer parts for another color. I would have preferred a UDE stock, grip and gap panels...rather than purchasing additional parts. However, purchasing always ends up with some cool freebies so it wasn't so bad. I haven't had a chance to take it apart, and I am sure I will in time. Right now I am enjoying the rifle as it is. Being from Texas and in LaRue's proverbial backyard, I am proud to support our local businesses especially when they are WORLD CLASS. Phenomenal customer support/experience. Did I mention how tight everything is? It was a bit of a struggle to separate the upper and lower during cleaning, and once I noticed that, it made the rest of my AR Rifles look rather sloppy! Excellent accuracy, and clearly more accurate then I am!
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Reviewed by childrenschildren 1 year ago
The last 5.56 I shot was an M-16 A2... if that tells you anything. I look forward to tight groups at the range but my favorite part is always the initial zeroing in. It's a must if one wishes to know their rifle and I'm looking forward to doing that in a couple days. Ordered some sweet accessories to go with my 18" too; -Camo Rail clips, exceptional design protects my investment and allows for some artistic tendency. -Grip Adapter panels, OD & Foliage. A great addition to the factory Black panels, I truly appreciate them. -Sling Adapter. Solid. QD. Mates up perf with the... -Spec-Ops Master Blaster Sling. I appreciate everything the SOB folks do. Great feel to this sling. -Troy battle sights, front & back. Nice feel & looks but above all else I know they will work, "together." *Shipped with the wrong Barrel Wrench & Gas Tube plastic cover* -No big deal as I didn't plan to remove the barrel anytime soon but this could have been an issue were I on a time crunch. It's a minor mistake they handled promptly and one that I'd rather a human make than some robot any day... I am quite pleased and just got an email saying my shipment has arrived today. Nice. Have not purchased an optic yet, I plan to but need to do more research... that may actually mean I'll be back here anyway & I'd be glad to utilize these good folks time & products again soon. Thank you again to everyone at Larue.
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Reviewed by Anonymous 1 year ago
E Finn I own a few firearms by the top names in custom guns. The LaRue PredatOBR I received has exceeded my expectations by a long shot. The fit and finish was amazing, no wiggle from any where. During my first disassembly I had to check the owners manual to make sure that there were no additional things to do to separate the upper and lower due to the exceptional fit, couldn't be more pleased. First session shooting I produced an 11/16 inch group at 200 yds, and continued to produce excellent groups all day. I have a 3 gun match this weekend and I am sure my rifle will not let me down. If your thinking about ordering one do it, my wait was only 2 weeks. Thanks LaRue
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Reviewed by TheJcFord 2 years ago
Once upon a time LaRue was backlogged and there was sadness spread across the world. But one day they caught up and the people rejoiced. On a serious note, I ordered the rifle, the next day I was contacted saying they just completed an order of barrels and asked if I was ready for my rifle. Two days later, this beautiful chunk of metal is in my hands. Fastest order ever processed at LaRue? It would be cool. This gun is one of the best quality guns I have ever owned or used. Just picking it up for the first time draws your attention to the detail and quality it is made with. And living only about 12 miles from where it was made makes my heart warm with pride at these guys and the excellent job they do.
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Reviewed by Anonymous 2 years ago
This is my first LaRue rifle, after hearing raving reviews about them and their work I decided to order one. After a much shorter wait than I had expected, receiving the rifle was far better than amyghing I was prepared for. The fit, finish, and craftsmanship put into this gun is second to none. Every inch of it is perfect, well thought out and precise. The upper/lower fit is so good that I had trouble separating the halves the first time. My rifle came with a .7 test target, after sighting in, my first try to outshoot the test target resulted in a .295! I followed that up with multiple sub moa/.5 moa groups. I will be ordering another LaRue rifle in the future.
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Reviewed by Anonymous 4 weeks ago
Received a predatobr after 11 week build time and it was definitely worth the wait. I've heard nothing but great things about larue and was thrilled to potentially own one for my first rifle. I knew this was the Ferrari of rifles when all the employees at the FFl were drooling over it, and every employee passing by stopped to admire. They said they've only seen 1 other larue rifle during their ten years in business. After hearing that I felt extremely fortunate to own such a coveted rifle. This is a beauty, it comes in a nice hard case and tons of accessories and goodies, including a larue gun cable lock. If your fortunate enough to order and receive a larue riflee, you will be nothing short of dazzled. Last, the customer service is world class. I'd buy more but would have to sell the farm. Thanks larue team!
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