US Optics SR8c 1-8x30 mm and QD Scope Mount

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SKU: 515-006-111

U.S. Optics SR8c 1-8x30 mm

*** This Item has an Extended Lead Time ***

Introduced at SHOT 2013, this is one HOT optic!

The U.S. Optics, Inc. SR-8c rifle scope is the most versatile and rugged short to medium range rifle optic ever designed. With the new 8:1 zoom ratio, this optic can be used like a red dot reflex sight at true 1X, but also allows threat identification and engagements at distances in excess of 800+ yards.

Optical clarity is achieved through a precision engineered lens system; careful consideration is given to the use of lens coatings. A simple push of a button allows a SFP red dot to be turned on and used in complete daylight, while the FFP reticle allows for ranging and holds off points.

The SR-8c has 100 MOA of total travel and 2/10 mil knobs, 8C-Mil reticles offer exact dimensional accuracy.

U.S. Optics, Inc. scopes are constructed of 6061 T-6 aluminum, then type III hard anodized, making it extremely durable. By using the finest materials and advanced engineering, the SR-8c is a lightweight, affordable scope that surpasses the competition. Whether you are shooting a AR10, AR15, M14, or a bolt action rifle, this optic will meet or exceed the needs of most situations. The low profile sleek design of the New SR-8 makes for a snag free tool in all environments.

• FFP Reticle
• Reticle – 8C MIL
• SFP Illuminated dot
• Reticle Lighting – Red Dot
• Elevation Knob – 2/10 MIL zeroing
• Windage Knob – 2/10 MIL zeroing
• Total Travel – 100 MOA
• Parallax Control – Fixed at 100 Yards
• Field of view at 100 Yards at 1x = 83.25 Ft
• Field of view at 100 Yards at 8x = 10.75 Ft
• Tube – 30 MM

NOTE: At this time this scope does not come with the lens covers.

About VFZ™ Mounts:
VFZ™ is a new theory in the concept of clamping accessories to MIL-STD-1913 rails. Instead of using a horizontal cross-bolt, the VFZ™ uses a vertical bolt that draws up a clamping foot against the lower angle of the rail, seating the mount similarly to a fully-closed LaRue lever. Once installed on the firearm, index marks allow the user to remove the mount, then reattach to the same tension, providing unprecedented return to zero for a non-QD-levered mount. The unique vertical alignment of the clamp allows components that are structurally stronger than traditional cross-bolt designs.

Why should I select VFZ™ Mounts instead of a QD Lever Mount?:
If you intend to leave an optic or accessory on a rail for the life of the rifle, the VFZ™ option is for you. The VFZ™ is intended as a longer-term, semi-permanent mounting alternative to our well-known Speed Levers. While both mounts will allow the user to remove the mount from the weapon, reinstall it in the same position, and return to zero, the VFZ™ mount is intended for users that will not need to constantly remove and install their mounts (especially in the field).

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Reviewed by Anonymous 49 weeks ago
The USO 1-8SRC is an incredible optic. Finally was just able to shoot it , and at CQB distances it performs much like a red dot. Taking it further on holds it is spot on. The folks over at USO accomplished a feet of engineering with this optic. Glass is crystal clear, great resolution and to my aww a very forgiving eye box. I see this optic as a "Golf Club that can play the entire course." You can shoot CQB distances with both eyes open, cam up the power and take a 300m precision shot. I was a bit hesitant about the weight, however it seems to balance out nice even on my 556 guns. I have used it on my 556 Daniel Defense , 556 BCM SPR, and SCAR 17 H. This optic truly fills a niche and is worth every penny. I would not hesitate to pull the trigger (pun intended,) on anything that USO makes. Not only do you have all the advantages of the aforementioned, you have top notch customer service with USO as well as LaRue Tactical. Great piece of equipment.
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Reviewed by togjr9 1 year ago
Love It !! Bought it to place on my 14.5 PredatOBR® 7.62, the mount installed perfectly and the scope is just outstanding quality. U.S. Optics scopes live up to their reputation and this is my second purchase from this company. I also purchased the MR10 for my Scar 17.
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