Trijicon AccuPower 1-8x28 Riflescope with LaRue QD Mount

SKU: 590-057

Trijicon AccuPower 1-8x28 Green/Red Mil Reticle with LaRue QD Mount

The Trijicon 1-8x28 AccuPower® is the versatile riflescope perfect for competitive, tactical, and sporting applications. This is the optic of choice, whether running and gunning, hitting steel, or staring down dangerous game. A true 1x with 8x optical zoom and a first focal plane reticle, it offers both rapid target engagement and long-range precision.

Available with either a red or green illuminated reticle, the universal segmented circle/MOA reticle is designed for multi-platform use, accommodating multiple calibers, ammunition weights, and barrel lengths. The first focal plane reticle allows subtensions and drops to remain true at any magnification, allowing the shooter to quickly and accurately apply the correct hold. Powered by a single CR2032 lithium battery, it has an easy-to-operate brightness adjustment dial with eleven brightness settings and an “off” feature between each setting. With fully multi-coated broadband anti-reflective glass, the 34mm tube and 28mm objective lens offer a combination of superior optical clarity and brightness.

QD Mount
Available with the LaRue LT104 or LT111 (select in the pull-down menu to the right). The LT104 positions the centerline of the optic 1.5” above the rail, and cantilevers forward to span receiver and handguard junctions. The LT111 positions the centerline of the optic 1.535” above the rail to line-up perfectly behind clip-on night vision devices. The wider stance of the LT111 provides extra support for continuously-railed flat tops. The combo comes complete with Scope, QD Mount with wrench, QD adjustment

Package Includes:
1 Trijicon Logo Sticker (PR15)
1 Lens Cloth
1 Set of Lens Caps
1 Manual
1 Warranty Card

Magnification 1-8x
Objective Size (mm) 28mm
Model # RS27-C-1900029 GREEN Segmented Circle – Mil
Model # RS27-C-1900028 RED Segmented Circle – Mil
Bullet Drop Compensator No
Weight (oz) 25 / 708g
Illumination Source 1 CR2032 Lithium Battery
Bindon Aiming Concept Yes
Eye Relief (in) 4.0 - 3.9 in (101 - 99mm)
Exit Pupil (mm) 0.46 - 0.14 in. (11.8 - 3.5mm)
Field of View (Degrees) 20° - 2.5°
Field of View @ 100 yards (ft) 109.2 - 13.1 ft. (36.4 - 4.4m @ 100m)
Adjustment @ 100 yards (clicks/in) 0.1 MIL per click
Tube Size 34mm
Housing Material 6061-T6, black hard coat anodized
Battery Life >31 hours at max brightness
Focal Plane First
Adjustment Range 29.6 MIL Total Travel
Dimensions (LxWxH) 10.8 in (274 mm) x 3.1 in (78.7 mm) x 2.7 in (68.6 mm)
Waterproof 10ft. (3m.)

About VFZ™ Mounts:
VFZ™ is a new theory in the concept of clamping accessories to MIL-STD-1913 rails. Instead of using a horizontal cross-bolt, the VFZ™ uses a vertical bolt that draws up a clamping foot against the lower angle of the rail, seating the mount similarly to a fully-closed LaRue lever. Once installed on the firearm, index marks allow the user to remove the mount, then reattach to the same tension, providing unprecedented return to zero for a non-QD-levered mount. The unique vertical alignment of the clamp allows components that are structurally stronger than traditional cross-bolt designs.

Why should I select VFZ™ Mounts instead of a QD Lever Mount?:
If you intend to leave an optic or accessory on a rail for the life of the rifle, the VFZ™ option is for you. The VFZ™ is intended as a longer-term, semi-permanent mounting alternative to our well-known Speed Levers. While both mounts will allow the user to remove the mount from the weapon, reinstall it in the same position, and return to zero, the VFZ™ mount is intended for users that will not need to constantly remove and install their mounts (especially in the field).

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Reviewed by Anonymous 3 weeks ago
First off, I liked the heft and solid feel of the scope right out of the box. The glass is clear and bright. The reticle has a segmented circle that surrounds the aiming point. That segmented circle is big and thick to where it's somewhat obtrusive at 8 power, but my understanding is that it has to be that way with a first focal plane scope in order to have a fast one-power aiming aid. My scope will mostly be used at the lower power settings so I can easily live with it. One amazing thing was that after I put the Trijicon AccuPower 1 by 8 in the Larue mount and first took it to the range, the first 3 shots at 50 yards were within 2" of the bullseye. I made two quick turret adjustments and was hitting the bullseye right in the center. I've never had a scope/mount aim the rounds that close to the bullseye right after mounting. Why zero at 50 yards? On an AR, I sight in/zero it at 50 yards which also results in a 200 yard zero. I thought the adjustment turrets were very well designed, easy to use, and I really liked how they lock shut, and how you can set each adjustment to start at 0. So, I've only used the scope twice since the sight-in and all is good. I'm very pleased!
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Reviewed by scen1014 7 weeks ago
Just got back from the range with this. Spectacular. I see no reason to go anywhere else when a complete package can be purchased from a known quantity and not cobbled together.....I've lost a ton of time and money trying and failing to read fine print properly on the compatibility of equipment only to find that not all the parts to complete the project were included or that crap just didn't work together. LaRue gives me everything I need, nothing I don't, takes out the guesswork, and they don't sell crap. I don't need crap. I need stuff that works.
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Reviewed by Anonymous 9 weeks ago
Optic is the bomb. Just put it on my patrol rifle.
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Reviewed by cprieto 14 weeks ago
Another great optics package by LaRue! The Trijicon itself is a great scope, at true 1 magnification its a great cq option, fast acquisition with the segmented circle and I've found it daylight bright (green). at 1 to 8x its clear and a great option form y Gen3 N6. Glass is clear, construction is solid, operation is smooth and feels well engineered and built. The mount is bullet proof tough! Can't say enough about the LaRue quality! All my mounts are LaRue! The value is AMAZING! You get the all the add on goodies as well as great customer service! Thanks guys! Time to sprinkle some Dillo Dust on my omlet!
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Reviewed by Anonymous 15 weeks ago
Perfect scope and mount for my LMT308MWS. Followed the instructions on-line and no problems. Clear optics easy to adjust and set up. Illumination setting are great with an "OFF" between each brightness setting. LaRue has the best products at good prices. Love the swag!
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Reviewed by Anonymous 19 weeks ago
Awesome service by Larue.Good scope and mount..easy to sight in. Reticle choice is important!
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Reviewed by Anonymous 20 weeks ago
Great optic and mount along with the best service in the business from Larue. I will purchase this setup again for other rifles. MIL reticle is highly recommended for various applications and platforms. The green illumination is just awesome.
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Reviewed by Anonymous 26 weeks ago
Fantastic Optic and Mount......typical great service from LaRue. Trijicon upped the bar with this one.
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