Trijicon ACOG USMC Rifle Optic (TA31 RCO with M4 Reticle) and LaRue Tactical LT100 QD Mount

SKU: 590-012-100

TA31RCO 4x32 Trijicon ACOG® USMC Rifle Combat Optic (RCO) with Red Dual Illuminated Reticle

The TA31RCO Advanced Combat Optical Gun sight (ACOG) incorporates dual illumination technology using a combination of fiber optics and self-luminous tritium. This allows the aiming point to always be illuminated without the use of failure-prone batteries. The Tritium illuminates the aiming point in total darkness, and the fiber optic self-adjusts reticle brightness during daylight according to ambient light conditions. The TA31RCO's Bindon Aiming Concept allows the operator to keep both eyes open while engaging targets and maintaining maximum situational awareness. Designed to the exact specifications of the United States Marine Corps, the unique reticle pattern provides quick target acquisition at close combat ranges while providing enhanced target identification and hit probability out to 800 meters utilizing the Bullet Drop Compensator.

The combo comes complete with LT100 ACOG mount, replacement mounting screws with wrench, QD adjustment wrench, vial of blue Locktite and Instructions.

  • Magnification: 4
  • Objective Size: 32
  • Bullet Drop Compensator: Yes
  • Length (in): 6.7" (with ARD)
  • Weight (oz): 15.8 oz (with ARD and mount)
  • Illumination source: Fiber Optics/Tritium
  • Reticle Pattern: Chevron w/TRS
  • Day Reticle Color: Red
  • Night Reticle Color: Red
  • Calibration: 0.223 (with 14.5" barrel)
  • Eye Relief (in): 1.50
  • Exit Pupil (mm): 8.00
  • Field of View (degrees): 7.00
  • Adjustment @ 100 yds (ft): 2
  • Housing Material: Forged Aluminum

    Combo Contents:
  • TA31RCO 4x32 Trijicon ACOG
  • 4x32 Army RCO killFLASH®
  • 1 Lenspen
  • Trijicon Logo Sticker
  • RCO Manual
  • Warranty Card
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    120 out of 225 people found this helpful.
    Reviewed by Ghost4-2 4 years ago
    I Got spoiled using these in the Marines and can no longer use anything else for an AR platform. Durable, clear, and easy-to-use. Combined with LaRue's incredible QD mount this is the perfect optic choice for any AR/M4 situation. The price is definitely steep but with optics you absolutely get what you pay for. Semper fi!
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    2 out of 2 people found this helpful.
    Reviewed by Anonymous 3 years ago
    Solid! The Trijicon ACOG is a very reliable optic. Very clear glass and extremely durable. This model uses Tritium and fiber optics for illumination so there are no batteries required. I purchased this optic because I've used these same ACOGs in the Marines and I have never seen one fail. These optics can take a beating and will still function flawlessly. I have two things to note (good things) about ordering this optic from LaRue: I think the pictures on this page are of outdated models. If you look on the rear of the housing by the eyepiece there are no mounting holes for the Trijicon RMR sight. The pictures on here also show that the windage and elevation adjustment screws have a slot where you would need a piece of brass or a coin or something to make adjustments. The ACOG I received from LaRue (about a month ago) has the housing with predrilled holes for mounting an optional RMR sight. My ACOG windage and elevation adjustment screws also came with knobs that are easily adjustable using your fingers so I don't need to use a piece of brass to make adjustments. I am very pleased to have both of these features on my optic. The LaRue LT100 QD mount is also very nice product. The quick detach is easy to use and has a nice little lock on one of the levers. I fired a group at one hundred yards, removed the optic and mount from my rifle, and then remounted it on the same position on the picitinny rail. I fired a few more shots and they impacted with my first group, so I know that the LT100 maintains it's zero if mounted on the same picitinny slot. The LT100 is also slightly lighter than the standard TA51 mount that comes with ACOG. With that being said, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the TA51 mount, and it is actually a fantastic piece of hardware. But if you want the Quick Detach capability, then get the LaRue LT100 QD.
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    28 out of 54 people found this helpful.
    Reviewed by Anonymous 3 years ago
    Just shot this scope out to 435yds on 12' steel plate. Hits after the first round. Very impressed.
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    10 out of 26 people found this helpful.
    Reviewed by Anonymous 3 years ago
    The old adage "you get what you pay for" has never been more true. I've never been happier with an optic. Semper Fi!
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    139 out of 285 people found this helpful.
    Reviewed by 6 years ago
    A fantastic optic at a fantastic price (suggested retail is over 1500 dollars, and that does not include the mount)! The Trijicon optic is one of the best multi-function optics around and combines accuracy, magnification, and a Bullet Drop Compensation into one package. LaRue improves on this by adding a LT-100 Quick Detach mount, enabling the operator to easily attach or remove the optic to his rifle quickly while maintaining a zero. Additionally, the LT-100 locks in place, making it near impossible for the optic to come loose during operation. I am very pleased with this product and the excellent service that LaRue Tactical has given me! Thanks Mark!
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    22 out of 57 people found this helpful.
    Reviewed by reshard76 3 years ago
    When I was in the Corps all we ever had was open sights. I'm very happy to see they are giving our MARINES the equipment they need. I was in the market for good optics for my OBR and when I saw that this ACOG was built according to Marine Corps specs so I had to get it. Everything Mark LaRue manufactures and sells on this website is of the highest quality and functionality. Thank you Mark for combining the best optic with the best mount!!!
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    80 out of 184 people found this helpful.
    Reviewed by Anonymous 5 years ago
    I purchased this scope a couple of years ago. I absolutely love it. I used an Eotech prior to this scope and the difference is well worth the price. Once you get the scope set, you no longer need to make adjustments. No batteries are required. The glass is crystal clear! The target is in focus whether it is at 30 feet or 300 yards. The mount make installing and removing the scope easy while maintaining zero. This scope and mount have been worry free. It is very quick on target. I am extremely happy with this product and I highly recommend it. Thank you LaRue Tactical.
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    147 out of 320 people found this helpful.
    Reviewed by craigoehme 5 years ago
    Pretty much a "no brainer!" An ACOG with a LaRue mount. What more is there to life? Well maybe being 40 years younger, having some balls and joining the military so I could puts this combo to work! Another fantastic purchase from LaRue!
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    74 out of 177 people found this helpful.
    Reviewed by Anonymous 4 years ago
    First class optic. First class service from Larue What else can be said
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    0 out of 0 people found this helpful.
    Reviewed by Anonymous 2 weeks ago
    Like a majority of these reviews my main reason for going back to the TA31 model ACOG is my experience with them in the Military. They really are as tough as Descibed in past comments.. This is my second one and I love it, there also isn't any other QD mount I would use the thing is bullet proof. If you want a good durable tough as nails mount Larue tactical has your back! I also want to note that I've been buying from Larue for years and every order they seem to throw extra stuff in there. They are consistent and go the extra mile to make there costomers feel important! Just wanna say thanks! -Aaron USMC 1/4
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