Lifetime Guarantee


All LaRue Tactical components are to be installed by a qualified gunsmith, or United States military small arms technician.

"Hey!  A truck ran over my Aimpoint in your mount!"  - In a case such as this, your LaRue Tactical mount will be replaced at no-charge, but you will need to contact your insurance agent in regards to the Aimpoint. ;^)

The other day, our Customer Service folks got a tomato can back, that someone wanted a refund on (just kidding, maybe not). As everyone knows, on products we make, our guarantee is "If you ain't happy, then we ain't happy". Anyhow, the guys wanted me to set some sort of limits on the stuff we don't make (from outside vendors), so here they are:  Just return any new and unused item to us within 15 days from the date delivered to you. Include a copy of your receipt and we will issue a refund, it's that simple. There won't be a restocking charge. Both Sales Tax and Shipping charges are not refundable, so don't expect us to send it back and forth so's you can try it on.

All warranties are through the manufacturer only; no warranties are expressed or implied by us here at LaRue Tactical. Prices do not include shipping and handling. Texas residents add 8.25% sales tax. Prices are subject to change without notice. LT is not responsible for mis-prints or errors, heck... we all know folks can goof-up. And once you mount a scope it becomes "used product" and used products are not eligible for refund, exchange, or return (placing the scope in rings constitutes mounting). So remember, when you mount it in rings, it's yours. We only ship to addresses in the USA.

As for LaRue-Made items, we'll give you a full 30 days to figure out if it suits you. We're now having to say this because we got some stuff returned for a refund that we were quite sure was obtained off of eBay. :-( Give some of these rascals an inch and ... :^)

"We do make upgrades to existing designs from time to time, and before some of you guys ask, no, your purchase doesn't come with a lifetime of free upgrades."

-Mark LaRue


All LaRue Targets are warranted to be free from manufacturers and material defects for 1 year after purchase and we will repair or replace, at our discretion, any unit which fails, for reasons other than batteries during that period. After 1 year, LaRue Targets will provide labor to repair broken targets and will pay to return the target to you.  Owner is responsible for parts, including batteries, and for shipping the target to us. After 2 years, owner will be billed for parts, labor and freight both ways.

Important! Please call 512.259.1585 before sending any target back as your problem may be easily diagnosed and remedied over the telephone.

Please note that batteries are a consumable item and are not covered under this warranty.

Warranty does not apply to any problems or failures that arise from improper installation, improper maintenance, improper storage, improper use, or modification by other than LaRue Tactical.

Repair to damage outside of these terms is not the responsibility of  LaRue Tactical, and will be handled on individual basis.