Range Day 2011

The 2011 LaRue Tactical Range Day

Location: Best of the West Range – Liberty Hill, TX
Date: November 12, 2011
Time: 10 am to 5 pm

Update: View waiver instructions  -  View printable waiver

You’re all invited to spend a day with the LaRue crew in Liberty Hill, TX this November. You'll get to shoot everything from OBR’s to Stealth’s…and, of course, classes & demos on just about every type of mount we make. We’re also planning a friendly little contest that might win you an OBR 7.62mm, or a NEW fully-dressed PredatAR 5.56!
All shooting abilities are welcome. Needless to say, world-famous LaRue BBQ, Chips and Refreshments will also be provided, so come hungry, get yourself to Central Texas, & take your best shot! 4. No children under 12, 12-16 must be accompanied by parent at all times ( liability ).

Drawings for MANY door prizes will be held at Noon, 2:00 pm and 4:00pm!

GRAND PRIZE: LaRue Tactical OBR PredatAR 5.56, with all the bells, whistles and trimmings from the many vendors we partner with! (16" PredatAR 5.56)

It cost a lot to put on an event like this. You’ll get your money’s worth. All attendees will need a special wrist band to gain entry. There will be two styles available: Shooting and non-shooting. “Advance Purchase” customers will be allowed past the entry gate at 10am, while the “On-Site” sales window will not open until 10am.

Advance Purchase: (will be mailed to you free of charge)
Shooter Admission $30.00 (Includes 5 raffle tickets, and Special Edition Dillo)    Pre-Registration is closed
Non-Shooter Admission is $10.00 (Includes 5 raffle tickets, and Special Edition Dillo)   Pre-Registration is closed

On-Site Purchase:
Shooter Admission $40.00 CASH ONLY (Includes 3 raffle tickets)
Non-Shooter Admission is $20.00 CASH ONLY (Includes 3 raffle tickets)

Extra Raffle Tickets
Apparently many of you are thinking “Go Big, or Go Home”, and want to add extra raffle tickets to their order. Since we’re listening, and aim to please, we’ve added a pull down to the menu that allows folks to add groups of five to their order (at a cost of $10 per 5). Remember, you still need to be present to win (and do the happy-dance when your number is called). Just because you’re an expert bingologist and want to impress the group with your mad numerical skills, doesn’t mean we’ll be slowing down for you to catch up. Our raffle breaks will be short with many prizes to hand-out before we can get back to the business to pullin’ triggers!

All you can eat Brisket, Sausage Wraps, Chips and all the fixin’s will be provided by the world-famous LaRue Tactical BBQ Wagon!! The BBQ Team has won the Texas BBQ championship more times than they could count. Plenty of water, soft drinks and coffee will also be supplied.

There will be Special Range Day Shirts and Hats available for sale. We will be offering a 10% (with free shipping) Range Day special on all LaRue Products ordered at the event (sorry, we sell so many different things…we can’t take it all there). Sorry, no on-site pickup or extra discount for active duty folks.

Waivers will be emailed at a later date. You will need to fill it out, sign and drop off at the Main Entrance when you pass through the door. Nobody will be admitted without a signed waiver (also needs to be initialed in the upper right on-site).

LaRue Tactical: LaRue will have their entire line of weapons, mounts and targets on the firing line. Everything from Stealth's to the NEW PredatAR 7.62 will be at the ready for a test-drive! Since this years’ focus is on education, you will find LaRue weapons combined with vendors’ accessories so that they can teach you the attributes of what they sell. Everyone walking away will learn a thing or two.
Of course, LaRue will also have their world-famous BBQ trailer, with everything a hungry belly needs.

OBR Top Shot Stage: Compete on a scaled-down version of History Channel’s “Top Shot” stage that featured LaRue OBR’s. Shooters will be asked to test their skill against each other in the quest to win one of the actual OBR’s used on the show!!

ATK / Federal Ammunition: Not only are they donating the ammo for the day, you’ll get to see first-hand what happens when you fire into ballistic gel at the “ATK Stage”.

GoPro: The Team GoPro athletes will be opening the show with a Skydive demonstration…parachuting in with a US Flag. The GoPro Folks will be on-hand throughout the day for questions, as well as a few more air drops, as weather permits.

Aimpoint: Learn the features and benefits of an Aimpoint red dot by firing around obstacles at the “Fallujah Stage”. Expect to be challenged with a variety of shooting styles that learn why an Aimpoint is the only solution in many situations. Aimpoint will also have a vendor table with product on display

Trijicon: Learn the basics of the excellent Bindon Aiming Concept common to ACOG scopes at the “Restrepo Stage”. Get taught the proper use of an ACOG BDC Reticle at the “Medium Range Stage”,by hitting targets at 100, 400 and even 600 meters away. Trijicon will also have a vendor table with product on display

Geissele: Try your skill with a Geissele-equipped OBR on the “NDM Competition Stage”. Geissele will be awarding winners prizes for best times throughout the day. Also visit their vendor table to see the “what makes a Geissele Trigger different”.

NiteHog: Get the rare opportunity to shoot OBR’s outfitted with the latest hog-hitting thermals on the market today, hitting a variety of heated hunting targets.
Summit Night Vision: From PVS14’s to PVS24-LR’s, learn from the experts about the latest Night Vision technology available in our special “dark room”.

Meopta: Learn about & try the “K” scopes with LaRue mount on/off/on repeatability demo at the “Medium Range Stage”. Check out the awesome ZD-556 reticle.

SureFire: SureSure’s military team will be on-site to show you how SureFire’s sound suppressors maintain on/off repeatability at the “Long-Range Stage”. There will also be a weaponlight demo in our special “dark room”.

Magpul: Not only will Magpul products be mounted on most of the firearms at the event, Magpul representatives will be roaming the event with swag and a handshake as well.

Leupold: Learn about & try world-famous Leupold’s scopes at long-range from 250-1000 yards.
Learn how to use the LaRue SPOTR kit, featuring the Leupold Mark 4, 12-40 spotting scope.

NightForce: Learn about & try NightForce’s outstanding scopes at long-range from 250-1000 yards.

Bushnell: Learn the Bushnell HDMR with the HORUS TreMoR Reticle at long-range with Accuracy 1st’s Todd Hodnett calling the shots out to 1000 yards.

Horus Vision: HoHorus brings cutting-edge technology to long-range shooting to help you shoot farther with ultimate accuracy. Horus reticles, scopes, ballistics software and accessories offer a simpler solution for making fast, precise, bulls-eye hits consistently.

Magpul: See and fondle the latest gear Magpul has to offer. Of course, most of the demo guns will be bristling with MagPul products for folks to try.

Techline Trauma: Techline Trauma produces realistic, wearable wound simulations that will provide years of service. The quick donning and doffing of the wounds, without make-up or adhesives, maximizes your training time. The depth of the wounds allows trainees to practice hemorrhage control skills beyond simple bandaging.

Marz Tactical: See the latest technology in soft-goods and how to properly make the most of your gear.

Tactical Medical Solutions: Learn technique with the latest life-saving medical tools. Equipment demos will be given by our special guest Charlie Coombs.

AeroSolutions: Shoot with the latest in mobile-weapon camera accessory, a helmet/weapon system that lets you see and shoot around obstacles, at the “Fallujah Stage”. We will also have the remote system that allows an observer to view through a remote scope, and see what the shooter is seeing as he pulls the trigger!!

LE Torch Run for Special Olympics: Support the SO Torch Run, and learn what these good Texans are all about.