Image of Remote .50 Cal Sniper Target RTG.50

Remote .50 Cal Sniper Target RTG.50

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Target Specs.
  • Weight: 200lbs. Target is 100 lbs, front armor is 100 lbs.
  • Dimensions of Silhouette: 15.5" X 11.75" X 1" (AR500)
  • The BASE Footprint: W-31.5", L-13.75", H-19“
  • FRONT ARMOR (separate piece): W-35", L -9.5", H-7.75"
  • Material: Steel is AR500 hard armor plate steel (hardness of 500 Brinnell) ... commonly referred to as "rifle steel“

    Recommended caliber distances
    .50 BMG: Minimum 300 meters