Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have my FFL on file for my gun order?
If your order status is In GTG then we have all that we need to proceed with production. We appreciate your patience during this time.

What is the difference between a Lever and VFZ mount?
The Lever mount is Quick Disconnect whereas the VFZ is not (a wrench needs to be used to attach/remove a VFZ mount).

Can I buy just the OBR or PredatAR upper/lower?
We only offer the OBR and PredatAR as a complete rifle; we do not sell the uppers or lowers individually.

Is it possible to get an OBR with a PredatAR handguard?
The handguards are specifically designed for each rifle and are not compatible; the OBR has MOA cant built in and the PST gas block requiring a different design than the PredatARs longer handguard without MOA cant.

What is a good hand load for your rifles?
Because we are a business and to avoid liability issues, we do not offer advice or technical specifications on hand loading.

Does LaRue offer gun smithing services?
We do not offer gun smithing services nor do we provide assistance or advice on anything that could be considered gun smithing. If you do not have the proper tools or knowledge then we recommend that you seek a qualified gun smith.

What length handguard do I need for my AR15?

Handguard length depends on barrel length and what length gas system your AR15 has.
· Carbine length gas systems will use a 7.0 rail to keep the fixed FSB

· Mid-length gas systems will use a 9.0 rail to keep the fixed FSB

· Rifle length gas systems will use a 12.0 rail to keep the fixed FSB

· For longer rail use, one will need to purchase a low profile gas block, and then run a rail as long as you want.

What scope mount do I need?
Scope mount choices depend on a couple of things. First, what diameter is your scope? Many are 1", high end scopes tend to be 30mm, and some very high end optics are 34mm. We are going to make 35mm rings soon as well.
Secondly, what is the eye relief of the scope you are buying? Many scopes run in the 3-4" range, in which the standard LT104 SPR/M4 mount will be ideal. If your scope has very long eye relief, such as 5-6", the LT139 SPR-E mount will be perfect.
Operators using the Schmidt and Bender Short Dot scope and the PEQ-2 will need to use the LT-135, which will raise the optic over the top of the illuminator.
.308 AR-platform users should use the LT-158, which will place the optic the same height over the bore, as it compensates for the slightly higher top rail. This mount also has a built in 10MOA base..

What size light mount do I need?
Most Surefire and Pentagon lights use the 1.040" ring sets. However, there are always exceptions. Please measure your light, and then buy the matching ring size to avoid any possible problems. If you unsure on the diameter, you can call the manufacturer, and I am sure they will let you know.

What height aimpoint 3x mount do I need?
The HIGH 3x mount works behind our LT150 aimpoint mount, as well as the LT-129 mount.
The LOW 3x mount works behind the Eotech when mounted on the small rail section on the back of the Eotech mount.

Which Aimpoint mount should I buy?
The LT150 is the standard M68 CCO optic mount that we produce. The mount will give you a repeatable zero and a lower 1/3rd Co-Witness.
The LT129 Cantilever mount is perfect for those who like to get their CCO out further from them, or are planning on running a magnifier behind it. This mount is repeatable and strong, and will give you a lower 1/3rd Co-Witness just like the LT150. This mount also has a storage place for another 1/3N battery.
The LT152 RASII mount is for people who are running either a RAS II handguard (install on hump), or handguards that attach to the top of the receiver rail.

Which ACOG mount do I need?
If you have a fullsize ACOG (TA01, TA31, TA11, TA55) than use the LT100 ACOG mount.
If you have one of the compact ACOGS (1.5x, 2x, 3x) than the LT105 is the mount for you.

Which IRON DOT do I need?
If you are going to run the IRON DOT on an AR15, and use it as a replacement for a BUIS and CCO, use the M4 version. It is a proper height for an absolute co-witness, and includes a flip-up windage adjustable iron sight.
If you are going to install an IRON DOT on a weapon other than an AR15, than the low profile mount will probably work better for you.

Will the Magpul CTR stock fit my rifle?
The Magpul CTR mil-spec version will fit the smaller diameter mil-spec buffer tubes that Colt and LMT rifles come with. This stock will not fit common commercial tubes which are larger in diameter. Magpul does make a commercial buffer tube version of the CTR stock.

How does the LaRue/VTAC sling attach to my rifle?
The LaRue/VTAC sling is equipped with QD sling attachments on either end. It will plug directly into our current rail system in the front (or our front sling adapter), and plug directly into a Magpul CTR stock in the rear. If you do not have a rear QD female adapter on your stock, you can remove the QD sling swivel, and weave the sling through the stock like a traditional sling.

How well do the LaRue mounts repeat it OK to remove my optics from the rifle?
Mounted correctly, you'll have no problems. Repeatability is the heart of our mounting systems. We have run 600 round "on and off" torture tests here at our on-site range... with the last 3-shot group being only 3/8" away from the first three rounds.