The Dead Center of Precision™.

Hello, and welcome to the Dead Center of Precision™.

I'm Mark LaRue and all of us here at LT want your business. Be advised, you don't have to "log-on" to look around our website, so just have at it. E-mail us with any questions you may have and we'll answer them as quick as we can.

We make all this stuff right here in our own production CNC machine shop. I founded this shop in 1980 ... we know machining and folks tell us it shows. Our strong point is our guarantee - "If you ain't happy, then we ain't happy". This "Lifetime" guarantee means as long as I'm alive you can return any defective LaRue Tactical manufactured part for a full refund or exchange. :-) Click here for full policy.

That's about it, enjoy.

-Mark LaRue